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Harley motorcycles are becoming very popular and owning a Street Bob- Harley Davidson is even more popular. The models that you will find, include the FXR, FXDBI, FXDB & more.Use the store pages to view custom Harley motorcycles for sale and information on each model and why Harley rates #1 in the motorcycle industry.


History- The Start of a Legacy
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a U.S.A. based manufacturer of larger motorcycles designed primarily for highway cruising. The beginnings started with the founder William S. Harley in 1901, when he designed a 116cc engine for use on a regular pedal bicycle frame. Over the next two years two friends- Arthur Davidson and Henry Melk would redesign the motorized bike to be able to climb Milwaukee’s moderate hills without pedal assistance. The redesigned bike had a larger engine and a loop frame design, which was very different than the motorized bikes of the times. The new “motorcycle” frame was assembled in a backyard shed- 10’ by 15’. Later in 1904, this prototype was entered into a Milwaukee motorcycle race which was held at State Fair Park. The motorcycle placed fourth and was ridden by Edward Hildebrand. The first known public appearance of the Harley Davidson motorcycle on record.

In 1906 Harley Davidson built their first factory and the rest is history.

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